Taekwon-Do for everybody

Taekwon-Do is well known due to its effectiveness in self defense and also as a sport fighting system.

In Taekwon-Do are included a wide variety of kicks very difficult to find in other martial arts (flying kicks, flying double kicks, flying triple kicks, consecutive kicks, combination kicks, etc.)

All of them have a specific application in actual combat to solve a self defense problem against one, two or more opponents. Such use of the legs compelled the organizations that regulate this Art, to pay attention to their inclusion in the sport area. Some entities are granting more points to the effective application of these techniques in accordance with their difficulty, especially when these are applied to the high section or in a flying motion.

However, its use in self defense and in the sport area as well will depend on a specific moment and on the opportunity. The chance to apply a complex technique which requires a double or triple spinning in the air to attack the high section is really small and it needs a very especial opponent. This complex execution requires a constant dedication in order to be effective and the acceptance that such a technique cannot be of use for everybody.

After so many sportive events – nationals, continentals and world championships – a lot of competitors that were previously included as juniors or adults due to their ages, eventually became in seniors or veterans. That change in stage in their lives imposes to the veterans a new development of their training if they want to remain actives. This new training will compel a consideration or adjustment in the techniques needed for an adequate and effective use of their experience.

The teaching of the Art imposes the same criteria if the Instructor wants to include everybody in the training session.

The social media frequently shows videos of people using double or triple spinning kicks which require a special individual ability that not everybody has. Curiously, the people who are executing it are not Instructors, just students training with an immovable target.

In one of such videos a young instructor induced a veteran (or adult senior) student to perform a flying double spinning kick. This is an improper use of pedagogy.

Probably many people misunderstand the Taekwon-Do’s proposal and could think that to be part of the Art its necessary such body handling.

This is not true. The only requirement to become in a Taekwon-Do’s student is the deep wish to learn the Art. Of course a competent instructor will also be necessary to apply such a wish.

With time you’ll have the opportunity to choose if you want to take part in a competition or not, to participate in a demonstration or not. Taekwon-Do is a Martial Art with a sport area and not vice versa.

With the evolution of the Art and the experiences acquired over the years, the sport area can be extended to include people of all ages in the competition scheme.

Taekwon-Do taught in the right way also contributes to improve the human health.

The especial ability that some students has developed in their flying and spinning kicks, are very plausible and would be good if they find the opportunity for its application beyond the exhibitionist utility, but it is necessary to take into consideration that this is not a requisite to be part of the Art called Taekwon-Do.

Senior Grand Master Ricardo Desimone

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