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Mission & Vision:

To develop the Taekwon-do’s practice.

To help in promoting the Taekwon-do’s sport area and his members well-being.

To project this Institution national and internationally. 


1– To develop the Taekwon-do practice in accordance with the philosophy and biomechanics parameters established by the Founder of this Art, Gral. Choi Hong Hi

2– To establish that this Martial Art were developed and systematized by Gral. Choi Hong Hi and accepted under the name of Taekwon-do on April 11th 1955. Because its Founder was in that moment General of the South Korea Armed Forces, this discipline was primarily taught to the soldiers and officials of that Armed Forces and after shown in neighboring Countries; with the time was taught in the entire world.

3-To follow Taekwon-do’s Founder commands, who specified that the Art developed and systematized by him «knows no boundaries of Countries; it is a universal Art of SelfDefense» as it is written in his Encyclopedia (Vol. I pages 10/11).

4– The International Taekwon-do Organization (ITO) have its Head Quarter in its President’s resident Country.

5– The International Taekwon-do Organization (ITO) was founded to promote the Taekwon-do’s sport area and to contribute to the welfare of his followers.

6– The development and progress of this Organization will be administratively supported in democratic procedures.

7– The development and progress of its practice, included its grades structure, will follow the martial commands recognized by the Founder of the Art and established in the rules and regulations of ITO.

8– The teaching of this Art will be done by qualified Instructors, Masters, Senior Masters and Grand Masters. They must apply with the pedagogic parameters established by the International Taekwon-do Organization (ITO).

9– The Instructors, Masters, Senior Masters and Grand Masters will be integrated by native people of different Countries’ member.

10-Periodically will be given seminars to the ITO’s Countries members with the intention to internationally unify the philosophical and technical criteria.

11– The international seminars to unify the philosophical and biomechanical criteria will only be dictated by the highest qualified degrees designated by ITO.