The beginning in all its terms


Many people showed their interest in being part of the only and traditional Institution based on what was created by the Taekwon-do’s Founder.

Taekwon-do is where the knowledge is, and this is the way in becoming an expert in this activity. No race, no boundary. The International Taekwon-do Organization (ITO) satisfies this goal.

New members demonstrate their enthusiasm in being part of this Institution. The wide range of ages of the new students serve as a knowledge thirsty ground for the transfer of more than 46 years of pedagogic experience.

The above file of pictures is a sample of how a diverse group of individuals of varying ages and level of training merged in a wonderful activity.

Here the most striking feature was the desire to learn and to achieve the best of their individual capabilities using a scientific and advanced method of teaching.

The waiting time for using their official ITO uniforms, permits that informal clothes do not become an obstacle to learn.