Unifying a technical criteria

On January 20th , 2018 there was a seminar in Ocala Florida to unify the technical criteria with several ITO’s representatives from different places. The organizer was the International Instructor Jose Luis Zapata Ramirez (VI Dan) who invited Instructors of other Schools from that zone of USA. He had the great assistance of Master Luis McDougall (VII Degree) from Boston Massachusetts who has dedicated much of his valuable time in the program’s details.  

Instructors and students were very interested in the explanations given by the ITO’s technical reference, Senior Grand Master Ricardo Desimone (IX Degree) and his demonstration in the practical use of different techniques. It is imperative for the Organization to have a unique statement about the movements and it biomechanics, following in detail the Gral Choi’s  legacy to whom he assisted and translated during many years. Patterns (Tul ), different types of sparring (Matsogui) and how to release a grab (hosin sul), were the topics treated. All details mentioned were coincident with those illustrated in the Encyclopedia written by the ITO’s President which is the theoretical reference of the Organization and the style created by the Taekwon-Do’s Founder.   

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