An academic event


On April 19th SGM Desimone, ITO‘s President, gave a seminar in Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

This was designated an academic event due to the place where it was developed. The students present made possible the appropriate explanation of the theory of power applied in Taekwon-do’s techniques. The answers were physically supported by the demonstrations of the seminar’s conductor.

The details mentioned there were followed by the attendants with great interest. Academic questions opened the door for the necessary answers to clarify the topic.

A brief explanation was given about the importance of the philosophical aspect of the Art and  its five Tenets. The Taekwon-do Protocol was followed at all times. The attendants who belonged to different styles of Taekwon-do are lead by their Instructor Sabum Nim  Mike Harb. Besides their diversity, everybody followed the original Taekwon-do protocol rules explained  by the conductor of the seminar to unify a universal criteria about this important matter.

The coordinated actions between the mentioned Instructor and the representing of ITO in USA, Sabum Nim Luis McDougall, permitted  this event to be possible. In a remarkable effort to attend the event, also present was the ITO’s representative from Mississippi, Mr. C. Avenaud and Mr. Christian Cuvillier from Puerto Rico.

Patterns (Tul), different type of sparring (matsogui) and self defense (ho sinsul) were the items developed in the occasion used to apply the theory mentioned above.  Participants of the event were a group of Professors, highly skilled Academics in their particular fields, who highlighted the seminar with their attention and interest on perfecting their practice of the Art.

The climate of camaraderie and the high academic level shared with the attendants was remarkable.

Official ITO certificates were delivered to all the attendants of this outstanding event.

Taekwon-do’s day

Best wishes to all Taekwon-do’s practitioners on this new anniversary. My especial congratulations to all professional Taekwon-do Instructors of all categories who devoted their life to teaching the Art.

Thank you Gral. Choi Hong Hi for your legacy.

Senior Grand Master Ricardo Desimone


International Taekwon-do Organization